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I'm not a rabid fan of CB since a couple of their soaps made my face feel like it was covered with fire ants. But Ocean Grove, which was the first soap I bought from them, got used yesterday for the first time in months and I was reminded just how great their soaps can be at lathering if you so much as talk to them, and the fragrance is terrific. I had a great shave. I wish I felt more confident about trying their other soaps but, twice burned, very shy, pun intended.
I would check the fragrance oils used in the two that irritated your skin and see if one or more are used in both. You may be able to determine which fragrance oil is causing the irritation.

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I wouldn't let a bad experience with one soap sour you on a whole product line of excellent soaps. I had a reaction to B&M Dickens so I don't use that one anymore but I love every other B&M soap I've used and I've used many. I also had a reaction to Ginger's Garden Havana Cognac which surprised me because everything I've read about GG soaps says they're gentle and mild. That was the first and only GG soap I tried which may be unfair but when you react to the very first soap of a line you try its hard to get more. With the Dickens that reaction came after successfully using about 35 other B&M soaps so I it was easier to view it as a one off.

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