Hello, all!

First I want to thank any and all of you who took the time to contribute to my son's fundraiser. We raised about $2,300! We feel so blessed by this community.

Originally, we'd planned to have a higher goal, but Chris Cullen of Catie's Bubbles has offered up an additional incentive.

If we can get the fundraiser to $3,000, he's offered to make a limited edition soap that will donate half the sale price to our foundation.

Last year, we had some fun and did a "s'more" scented soap. This year, were thinking a little different theme: Orange and citrus with cypress and amyris.

The link to donate is right here: http://bit.ly/NoahFundraiser. Any and all donations are much appreciated, and I truly hope we meet this goal so Chris can make another of his amazing soaps!

Thanks, everyone! [Image: 28567f9bcded7f7b5158eeed7caf8ba0.jpg]

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