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After wondering about this touted soap for months I saw that it's available and my dose--my order, rather--arrived today. To me, in the jar, it's a fougere, with a nice earthy complexity, in keeping with Chris's description of it on a podcast. AND it came with a lovely thank you card from Mrs. Bubbles. I am expecting a first rate shave with it. Catie's is, for my money, the state of the artisan when it comes to shaving soaps. Will let you know. 

P.S. For those you moralists, I smelled the soap but I didn't inhale.

Update: Because of scheduling I've been shaving at night. Just finished and the good news is the fragrance is magnificent. Lathered, I can smell the cannabis flower, along with a lot of the fougere notes. It's a mild but wonderfully complex scent. The soap lathers great and provides great cushion and good glide.

The bad news: something in this one burns my skin. By the second pass I couldn't wait to rinse it off, and skipped the third pass. This is not a criticism of Catie's soaps. I've had this problem only with these two. Ocean Grove and La Rose both work great for me.

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