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I have a tube of Castle Forbes Lime that is about 95% and has not been getting the love it deserves.  I just find myself reaching for other things first.  

Below is a list of things I would be interested in trading for. TRADED

Geo F Trumpers
D.R. Harris
I Coloniali Mango
Czech Speake
St. James of London

[Image: 5l3uzHv.jpg]
[Image: 2NpfuEe.jpg]
Good luck. I own all 3 Castle Forbes and all the soaps/creams on your trade list.
Not even Czech & Speak hard soap will be much of an improvement over Castle Forbes cream, CF is that good.
Trumper creams will be 2 steps down (own all Trumper creams)
Trumper soaps 8 (eight) steps down from CF performance wise.
Cheers, Claus from Denmark
I appreciate your opinion. Yes I agree CF is top notch I was finding that I didn't care for the Lime scent so it wasn't doing me any good holding on to it if I never used it

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