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Today, Castle Forbes "1445" Shaving Cream.
[Image: 8xlZN8N.jpg]

The 2018 CF line 1445 renews the origins of the family, reminding the year of investiture to Lord of Scotland.
The description is clear: "Smells like freshly scrubbed British aristocrats straight after a bath".
The fragrance notes create an aromatic fougère:
• Head .... Petitgrain, Lemon
• Heart ... Tarragon, Lavender
• Tail ...... Vetiver, Cloves, Patchouli

The graphics, the quality of the brand, the generous packaging, the improved formulation make it interesting to me.
Also the experience on the Lavander version (another great fragrance!!) helps this feeling.
Even more interesting since it seems to remember the original fragrance of Azzaro Pour Homme, which I loved.
And the reviews seem to confirm the quality.
Too bad for the not exactly popular cost and the poor local distribution.
But I'm lucky enough to have a good friend who parted a sample to me.
So now for me It's simpler to try this nice shaving cream.

Castle Forbes fragrances are usually a sight.
This is no exception, in fact 1445 is one of my favorites.
The description is totally perfect to me.
I don't have its balm, but in the past they haven't impressed me.
CF is not great at formulation, they're perfumers.
Perfume industry normally does medium quality soaps, with (hopefully) great fragrance.

The aftershave lotion I used (Farmaceutici Damor "Jalma") is much better.
Technically, a drug that looks like an after shave, with huge soothing properties.
Fortunately, the scents match perfectly each other.
Unfortunately it is out of production.
But I have it for this life and also for the next.
 Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

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