Hello. I have some questions about caring for safety razor equipment. 1. How do you clean a safety razor? Would a toothbrush, a small pipe cleaning brush(for hard to reach areas), water, dish detergent or hand soap work for cleaning a safety razor? Do I neeed Scrubbing Bubbles(or a similar product since I'm from Romania and can't find Scrubbing Bubbles here)? Do I need Barbicide? After using the razor what cloth should I use to dry it? A cotton cloth? A microfiber cloth? Can I use my face towel? 2.How do I clean a shaving brush?

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While this thread has ZAMAK in title, lot of advice I received is relevant to generic safety razor cleaning:

I clean my razors when I notice soap residue, which is about every 2-3 months, using a toothbrush and hand soap. I have been doing this for the past seven years and it seems to work, very well.
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Rinse razor and brush in hot water after use and air-dry. Scrub razor with an old toothbrush between blade changes and air-dry. Plain old soap and water is fine; nothing special is required.
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I just rinse my razor under hot water when I am done shaving, and then let it air dry. Two or three times a year, I use an old toothbrush and scrub it with Scrubbing Bubbles. That is about all any well-made razor should require. Obsessive cleaning, such as scrubbing with Scrubbing Bubbles and rinsing in alcohol after every shave, should not be required. After all, did guys do more than rinsing off their razors 60 years ago when everybody was a traditional wetshaver? Probably not, and many of their razors are still around today.

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Are you asking about a used/vintage razor you recently obtained? Or a razor you already own? I ask, because my procedure is different for both.

Used/Vintage: soak it in barbicide or 91% alcohol or higher. You might wanna get a brand new toothbrush and scrub it as well, or a Dremmel. I say NEW toothbrush because i dont like the idea of cross contamination. A childrens toothbrush works well because of its smaller size.

Cleaning and daily maintenance of your own razor: after shaving i remove the blade and wipe down the razor with my thumb under warm water. Pat dry with a towel or leave it out to dry. Same with blade, CAREFULLY wipe any lather and hair off under water. I also scrub my razor with a toothbrush and hand soap once a month at least. Sometimes alcohol.
I hope all this advice helps. Good luck!
(11-15-2017, 05:31 PM)celestino Wrote: I clean my razors when I notice soap residue, which is about every 2-3 months, using a toothbrush and hand soap. I have been doing this for the past seven years and it seems to work, very well.

Same here with a final dunk and swish in iso alcohol and then it air dry. You know what I really need to do is clean my brushes. I have enough and use them a rotation that I only do this maybe every six months to a year. Cleaning natural hair brushes gives a little boost in performance for me. Synthetic I don't see a noticeable difference. They (well mine) just don't hold onto soap residue and are pretty well clean just rinsing them after a shave.
I don't mind taking a toothbrush to a bar soap just a little bit once a week maybe twice a week and take apart my RZR and brush it off with just a little soap and water and a small brush I have it is a toothbrush just an old one I cut the handle in half. It only takes a short few minutes and this way my Razor is always clean it is an Above the Tie (head only, used) but, I try to take care of it and dry it off every time I use it. If I want to clean my boar brush, I use shampoo.
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After every shave I take the razor apart and scrub it with a soft bristled toothbrush under warm water. Then dry it and put it away. They all look brand new. Just for the heck of it I pull them all out and clean them every couple months. Hot tap water, mild dish soap and a soft bristled toothbrush.

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