A. Feitar
Portland, OR
I recently received a bottle of Caribbean Soap’s Bay Rum aftershave.  I have several Bay Rums in my collection, and this new one is exceptional. They are based in Puerto Rico and down there they call Bay Rum by the local name of Alcoholado de Malagueta. 

The Bay Rum they make is very strong smelling.  They include real Bay Rum leaves inside the bottle as well as a few black pepper corns and 2-3 cloves.  They also add camphor and menthol.  It comes in a glass bottle with a plastic top. 

 At first application on the face, it has a strong medicinal smell with the camphor up front. As it dries down the Bay scent comes through. Unlike many other Bay Rums I have tried, the scent of this one lasts several hours.  

Anyone else tried this one?

[Image: frvQb3z.jpg]

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