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As agreed upon between CarbonShavingCo. and myself when they sent around 2 pass around razors on DFS for us to try, once the razors were finished being tested, we'd raffle them off and the money raised would go back into DFS to help cover costs with running & growing the site. They upped the ante by telling us they'll be raffling off 2 brand new razors (serial #1 & serial #2) with the winner's choice of 1 of the 3 handles they sell rather than the 2 used razors we have been passing around.

The way the raffle will work is that you'll post whatever you're willing to pay for the item, as often as you want, until the raffle expires. The raffle will run from 10/7/19 until 10/11/19 at 11:59 PM EST. I'll lock the thread once it hits 12am EST.

Once the raffle is over, CarbonShavingCo. will send a message to the winning user with a discount code to be used on their site directly to purchase the razor that'll adjust the price to whatever the winning user agreed to pay. If the winning bid is higher than the listed price, arrangements will be made accordingly.

The razor will ship out to the winner on 10/14/19 directly from CarbonShavingCo. once the payment is confirmed.

Stock photos with the handle options:

Model Cx-316L/Ti (New - Titanium Handle)

[Image: jl7k11A.jpg]

[Image: Mbjo9yQ.jpg]

Model Cx-316L (New - R2 Handle)

[Image: PdRFaeU.jpg]

[Image: IRjBPDp.jpg]

Model Cx - 316L (R1 Handle)

[Image: Y2DCbvj.jpg]

[Image: 1jZsnQF.jpg]

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