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With similar head geometry and gap how do these heads stack up against each other? Is the blade feel similar? Any other tidbits when comparing these two heads specifically?

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(12-12-2019, 03:47 AM)Marcos Wrote: With similar head geometry and gap how do these heads stack up against each other? Is the blade feel similar? Any other tidbits when comparing these two heads specifically?
This is my opinion.....let me preface by saying I LOVE open comb everything.  The Carbon is one of my few modern razors in SB.  I absolutely love the razor.  If I had to put my finger down on its blade gap and feel, I would say it’s somewhere between a CG level 1 and 2, but closer to a 2, like a Level 1.85 if there were such a thing.  It’s been CRAZY efficient for me, certainly a SMOOTH OPERATOR! Compared to Wolfie, I’d say you’re fairly spot on, it “feels” to me to be between a .61-.67.  I only have the WR1 in OC’s from .61 .67 and .74. Let the photos below tell the story: Carbon against a .67 Wolf head.  I tried my best to capture a few angles. Obviously Carbon on the left in each image.

In terms of comparative tidbits; I find the Carbon “highly maneuverable” in my problem areas: throat, upper lip, chin. I never felt my Wolf’s to be as maneuverable in a couple of those areas when speed shaving or I’m being careful not to drop the instrument as I’m VERY clumsy, but let me be clear, in no way am I taking anything away from a Wolfie. One of the best modern razors of our time and with a choice of finish that’s undeniably the undisputed champ for its jewelry grade polish.

Miscellaneous tidbits that “I” like/want:
I do love the Carbon baseplate is branded with the company name/logo, model, year of manufacture, etc. The finish is incredible and I like/want 316L, though some of my fav Gillette heads are pot metal scrap or some garbage.  I would like to see blade gaps on plates rather than having to request this info from artisans but I understand time and budget can cut their profits and I definitely don’t want that for them.  Time is money, no one knows that more than me. 

I’m thankful to all these artisans for bringing us some incredible products! 2019 was a brilliant year for new artisans that brought in some incredible razors, they got my $£€!  

[Image: ynlc4iY.jpg]
[Image: t3QEOb8.jpg]
[Image: uRCyysE.jpg][Image: vLO9q3M.jpg]
[Image: 6C70TET.jpg]

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Thanks for the informative response and pictures.

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My Carbon arrives tomorrow!  I am fired up to give it a whirl!



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[Image: HWZZ0bv.jpg]Well color me impressed!  My “Factory Second” arrived today, and during the once over...it appeared to be flawless.  I was sort of scratching my head, because I expected some sort of funky scar on the top cap...the cap IS flawless by the way.  So upon a closer inspection, and moving the pieces in the light...I found one tiny tiny nick on the handle in the middle...seen in the first photo. Gents...aside from that, I can’t find a single nick, scuff, or mark.  Here are the pics, and I will post a first shave impression later.  I almost feel like I got over on this one!

The knurling is AWESOME, as is the fit and finish!



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[Image: vMtslcI.jpg][Image: He4WX4d.jpg][Image: xlMJZ1H.jpg][Image: EdJ71S4.jpg][Image: RO0K26T.jpg][Image: CsQvzKm.jpg][Image: 4ZXnRKh.jpg][Image: NegYAOy.jpg][Image: nYsyChC.jpg][Image: NspFLM2.jpg]

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The first shave with the Carbon razor was really fantastic!  My initial thoughts after the shave were:

- WoW!  I like this a lot, and I want to get to know it better!

- Upon some more reflection I would say this razor has the efficiency of a 1941 Gillette Aristocrat, and the smoothness of a STAR Model 100.  Those two razors for me, are at the top of the hill as far as vintage razors go. I would not make that comment lightly.

- I liked the shave better than the ones that I was getting with my RS-10 before I sold it.  The razor was also not as clunky in the head design.

- The knurling is awesome which makes for a SURE grip!

The razor was loaded with Wilkinson Light Brigade on its second use.  My only other observation worth noting was that it usually takes 3-4 shaves for the LB blades to reach their peak smoothness...not so here...hit on all cylinders on shave number two.

Overall initial impression...this razor is a winner!



[Image: 9vwTfGF.jpg]

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