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Hello everyone,
i just received the new my Mokune Gane has laNDED IN NYC, at a friend of mine home.
I'm looking forward to have it in my hands and try it on my face.
This particular kind of razor from Carbon CX wont have the same name ( Mokume Gane) : Sean decided to call this line Samurai and each razor will have the name of a different samurai clan. My razor's name is CX Fuma.
After that i would like to know if somebody of this forum have or had this razor and i would be very happy if he could share with me his impressions and judgments about it.
My very best regards to all of you!!!
Photos please, Gian. Smile.

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Hello Cornbread,
As i wrote the razor is still in NYC and he will land at home in a couple of weeks when another friend of mine will be back in Italy....As soon as possible i will post some pictures!!!

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This Razor sounds very interesting !

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Hello don27,
i felt in love with this razor because his long process to be made: the shape and the design is espired from the '40 Gillette razors, but is the process and the kind of no iron metals Sean makes this razor that entregue me the most: he put for first a layer of copper and after a layer of brass: it is difficoult to do that because these two no iron metal and alloye melt at different grade of heat. the patina is like a finger print: every razor is different from the others and the estetic result is really beautyfull...
i was on the waiting listv for almost two years before Sean wrote to me he has one ready to go...As soon as possible i will post some picture orb you can go on Carbon CX website gallery and read everything about the history of this kind of material.

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