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Arizona, USA

Nothing says Festive like This Cold Weather Classic, CANE!

[Image: hWl4jSJ.jpg]

Scent Profile: Pure Organic Peppermint, Cornmint, Talc, Rose, Bergamot, Oakmoss, Haitian Vetiver, Madagascar Vanilla, Coumarin, Lite Musk. A North pole Barbershop, And Crisp Winter Fougère! (beyond comparison!)

FIRST 50 Bundles Sold Include NEW 2023 Limited Edition Collectible Holographic label!

Note: Having recently taken a vote on how soon is too soon in regard to releasing Christmassy scents while the turkey still breathes...the Shave Cadets spoke & we listened. It was pretty much unanimous, the overall consensus was the sooner we drop the holiday stuff, the sooner we can all wear it! Makes scents to me!
Ladies & Gents, We Present to you CANE: A Whimsical Winter Fougère!

It is year 9 folks for one of our all time, top holiday favorites, loved universally by; men, women, elves, reindeer...and considered the toast of the town on the Island of Broken Toys! You can say it's a real crowd pleaser for sure.

SOOOOOO Much More Than Just Peppermint! (that's too easy)

With a name like CANE it's easy to assume this is just straight up peppermint, but it's actually not! Granted, we did crank the peppermint way up, but it's the dry down that is really special and where the accord truly begins to take shape; Cornmint, Rose, Talc, Bergamot, Oakmoss and a touch of Vetiver! If I were to classify it I would call it a crisp, winter fougère.

Cornmint is the New Sexy Note (it may need a stage name)

Cornmint not only adds to an already minty top note, but also lends a mild/light menthol kiss! Fresh, Brisk and Festive.

Fun Fact: Menthol is naturally derived from Cornmint!

Matured/Aged 1 Year

Those of you who are not new to Phoenix Shaving know that since year 2 we have always "matured" our CANE splashes for one year, so this year is no different...but man do I always forget this before I pry open the vat! My eyes not only teared up with joy and nostalgia but also with that pure, potent burst of Christmas...undiluted. Lucky for you I still have to add the Peppermint Hydrosol to the blend to balance it out and cut a little of that wintery edge.

I should also add, the Peppermint Hydrosol was freshly made (distilled)! Nothing but the best for our loyal friends and customers. Honestly, this time of year is a lot of fun for us, I mean, it's still crazy busy but we make it fun, right? We approach our holiday offerings as grandma approaches her Christmas Cookies...minus the muumuu. (not that I don't own one)
Aside from pure peppermint & cornmint essential oils, you will also find Peppermint Hydrosol, Rose Water, Glycerin, Hedione, Carrot Seed Extract, and Aloe Vera in this festive blend of winter bliss!

Have A Happy Turkey Day & Merry "Shavemas" Folks!
(I may have coined a new greeting; Feel Free to Use It!)

"Try Something Different, Phoenix Shaving!"

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