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Earlier this month my wife and I went on a vacation trip to California. We started in Carmel for a few days, then drove down the coast and inland to the Paso Robles winery country for a few more, then back up to Pacific Grove to finish. We saw some beautiful areas along the way, from Monterey through the Big Sur area...
[Image: SCFmHLM.jpg][Image: TcEQ8HF.jpg][Image: 3rfvShB.jpg][Image: ePsFSZX.jpg][Image: aFn6IMl.jpg]

And stayed at some great places including a Tuscan villa B&B near Paso Robles...
[Image: YQZMYM4.jpg][Image: scr3h6F.jpg][Image: kBZTj8c.jpg][Image: lbTfqk5.jpg]

And we ate wonderful food...
[Image: PFrt9mF.jpg][Image: 7d6plDE.jpg]

Overall a good trip, but we were happy to get home, and we realized just how much we enjoy living where we do.

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Lovely! You Westies got it nice!

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No doubt, there are beautiful places in California.

Beautiful, looks like a nice trip!
- Jeff

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Beautiful photos, John. California is nothing if not diverse.
Jealous is an understatement! I have never been to California but I love everything from there for some reason. And the wine from Paso Robles is incredible. In fact Firestone Craft Beer is a good one from Paso.
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Great photos and the food looks incredible.
Very nice, John! Happy2
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Thanks for the kind words, buys.  The food really was wonderful.  The best/worst part of the trip was seeing roadside vegetable stand signs along Highway 101 for avocados at 10 for a dollar - almost reason enough to move there.   Big Grin
Awesome pictures! Did you run into the fire in Big Sur at all? Luckily I haven't been deployed there yet.

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