I like Brut. I admit it. But the scent does not last long. I asked for Brut by Faberge for Christmas. Reviews say this lasts a long time.

My wife ordered some from Amazon. It is in a lovely glass bottle with the metal label hanging off.
[Image: Gg1116v.jpg]

The pic I posted was like the vendor's pic. No scale.

This is my Christmas present next to a normal size cologne bottle.
[Image: sIPozkl.jpg]

Good thing I like Brut as I will be using this for a long time Smile


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Believe it or not, I have Brut Shaving Cream around the flat somewhere.

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That is funny.

25oz would be a tipoff though.

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I remember in high school back in the eighties I kept a plastic bottles of Brut, and English Leather in the center console of my 70 Firebird. Good stuff, or we thought it was back then.


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