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Philadelphia, PA
what do you all think is the best type of hair in a shaving brush for women? right now my wife uses one of my brushes with a TGN badger knot and it's kind of meh...it's somewhat floppy and the knot itself isn't too packed with hair.

is synthetic the way to go for women?
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Try TGN synthetic 3 band. Very soft tips and IMO it's a good choice.

Philadelphia, PA
(06-16-2015, 07:31 AM)ClaudioBP Wrote: Try TGN synthetic 3 band. Very soft tips and IMO it's a good choice.

cheap enough to try! for anyone wanting to check them out, here's a link: http://thegoldennib.com/wet-shaving/badg...knots.html
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San Diego, Cal., USA
If she likes soft, Plisson synthetic.

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Philly Area, PA
all depends. my wife loves nathan clarks silver tip
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My wife use Omega S-Brush 49. Sometimes she pick also my FS 26 silvertip or Omega 49 boar. But the Omega S- Brush is her go to brush. She knows how much better is big one Smile
The Kent Infinity Silvertex would work well as a woman's brush. It has nice soft synthetic bristles and small classic shape handle.

When I hold it it doesn't feel like a mans brush lol Smile

Paramount, Ca
There is no set answer fro this. Its going to be a matter of her preference. My wife not only shaves her legs and intimate areas but also her face. For her face she enjoys a super soft badger brush. Her preference is my Savile Row. For everything else she chooses her custom with a Nathan Clark Ubersoft knot. In order for her to find out the best fit she is going to have to try things out.
I don't care for BBS shaves. I'm just in love with the process.
I'm torn between my RazoRock Plissoft synthetic brush and my Satin Tip brush. Both of them are very soft and soothing on the second lather. Both have excellent backbone and can hold a nice lather. Also, the handle on the Satin tip is better for me because of the rubber coating. I also love my Shaveway Badger brush but it is slightly annoying having to pick out a couple of hairs every once and a while so I don't catch them with my razor.
(06-21-2015, 04:24 AM)Freddy Wrote: If she likes soft, Plisson synthetic.

I'm with Freddy, if she likes soft of course.

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