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The den is getting a little crowded so time to sell some stuff.
Shipping is a flat $5 in the US.  International, please contact me.
PP f&f if you're comfortable doing that.  If not, g&s is fine.

[Image: gPjlaEv.jpg]

synthetic brushes
Wolf Whiskers - $45  SOLD!
Brad Sears "the Preacher" - $75  SOLD!
Brent Jacobson, only 15 made - $55  SOLD!
Grooming Co. - $25  NOW $20!
Asylum - $30  TRADED!

[Image: hgqymIJ.jpg] [Image: iIBTyVn.jpg]

Tabac pair, both new - $25  NOW $22!  SOLD!
Floid Blue 400ml new - $40  NOW $38!  SOLD!
Kramperts Bay Rum flask 90% full plus another full bottle - $25  SOLD!
Maggards Lilac - $5  NOW $4!
Wholly Kaw Vetililac - $8  NOW $7!  SOLD!
Wholly Kaw Vetivertal new - $10  NOW $9!  SOLD!
Wholly Kaw Fougere Bouquet - $9  NOW $8!  SOLD!
Reef Point Command Presence - $9  NOW $8!  SOLD!
GG British Empire Tallow, lathered 1x - $9  NOW $8!  SOLD!
Tims Wassail - $10  SOLD!
Razorock XX new - $5  NOW $4!  SOLD!

[Image: cq2z0Q2.jpg]

Feather Pro Super, has 19 blades, plus 6 others - $14  NOW $12!  SOLD!
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open to trades as well...

Trade Wants:
B&M other than Latha
Strop Shoppe
open to other things as well
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I have a caties quatre cent vingt that I have only lathered once, just not for me, but it was given to me as a gift if you are interested in a trade for soap strraight up.
EFDan - I've tried QCV and didn't care for the scent. Thanks for the offer.

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This Floid is soooooooo tempting...

Chazz Reinhold HOF
(04-08-2016, 02:20 PM)ANG69 Wrote: This Floid is soooooooo tempting...

It was, lol.....

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PM Sent!
What knot is in the Preacher.
all sold

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