Hi guys I have a collection of around 30 brushes, witch are all very expensive and high end, and my concern is where to store them all, just wondering if anyone has any good ideas? ATM I have them in a small draw and they don't all fit in there ATM IV also heard it's good to store them in a well ventilated area as most of them are badger

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I have a similar issue. I am considering getting something like a wood spice rack that would allow display also.

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A simple solution would be to put up a simple shelf or two in a well-ventilated room, if possible, or get a simple stand-alone shelving unit.
Good luck.

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With Celestino - keep mine in a well ventilated closet on a dedicated shelf spaced generously
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I just have Rooney Finests, and although it's not ideal, I keep them in a wooden cupboard in the bathroom, with one of the doors open all the time for air except when someone is showering and for an hour afterward. They seem to be doing OK.
I use a storage cabinet. I leave them out to dry and then place them away. I am considering an Ikea MILSBO but would need to see if I could purchase additional shelves, and I would like to keep the UV exposure down. Thinking about seeing if I can apply a UV film to it that is clear enough. Then I need to think about what to do with my old storage. A lot of variables I haven't had the time to consider fully.

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