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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The time is upon us! With Spring making herself known, the greatest category of perfume is ready to welcome her. Chypre is my favorite, and might be yours too even if you don't know it; mosses, woods, flowers, and fruits. Can anything better signify the end of cold and darkness?

This pomade will be done in my Premium Oil Base, with extra Lanolin, Avocado Oil, and most importantly Roasted Walnut Oil. The benefits this has for both hair and scalp health is something I am most proud to say has been apart of my brand since day one.

**EDIT: Roasted Walnut Oil can instead be substituted with Hempseed Oil upon request. For those with Nut Allergies.**

Hold will be Firm, to help cope with the loss of hold experienced in warmer weather. Shine is to be healthy; neither overbearing nor matte. All in 4oz premium glass jars.

For scent notes, please see Picture #2. Dont let it overwhelm you; yes LGC is beautiful and complex, but it is not "busy" or "muddled". All the notes combine together to make something far greater than the sum of it's parts. Even notes that you may shy away from, give them a chance in this blend.

Price will be $23.50 with PayPal F&F. Tracked shipping is included.

If interested, please comment below AND send me a pm to ensure contact.

Thank You!

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