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Brad has been making brushes for quite a while now and I feel is deserving of a thread commending the work that he does. Over the last 2 years, Brads designs and unique elegant combinations of resins has elevated his brushes to a unique level to where you know without looking at the logo that is a Brad Sears brush.

The brush to the right is a BS Knight 28 in Coral with a single Amber ring with the select 1804A2F knot, this brush has moderate backbone with the softest of tips. To the left is a 151 28 with the same 1804A2F knot, this brush has medium backbone with the softest of tips. I could not be any more pleased.

Now, this is a hard decision, which one do I want to buy?
[Image: K3LPxHz.jpg]
Photo:  Vivian Maier

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Those Brushes are both lookers, and I love the Fan Knots as well! I have Six M&F Brushes that Brad has made under the M&F/Brad Sears Collaboration, but I don’t own any of Brad’s own Brushes so I won’t post pics. It looks like that will have to change in the near future! I saw a few pics of Brad’s “200” Series Barbershop Style Brushes and they look Outstanding. I would love a 26mm or 28mm Fan Knot with Ebony over Antique Ivory Handle. Excited to see some more pictures of his work in this thread!

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Beautiful brushes. And I agree Brads brushes are excellent in every way.

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Southwestern NY
Those are great looking brushes!

Unfortunately, I have to say, "You need BOTH!" Wink

I don't own any of Brad's brushes yet, but hope to remedy that problem in the future. There's outstanding craftsmanship available from BSSW!

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I came veeeerrrrrryyyyy close to getting one like the blue and orange on the left. So, that would be my choice.

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Just arrived Brad Sears Arley 26mm.

[Image: rmMHPVp.jpg][Image: aklkmjS.jpg]

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I've read that their select knot is as good as any high end badger knot, but haven't tried it myself.

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I just snatched this M&F from brad sears site (he released this one today on the "ready made section"

Morris & Forndran Raspberry Fields Ebonite 2XL -28mm

[Image: mcw6Tmf.jpg]

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Soap Soap Soap
Ames, Iowa
Brad does incredible work, nice handles all!

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My newest acquisition from Brad Sears. Ivory and Seafoam resin beehive.
[Image: EpEulxz.jpg]

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