Anyone have feedback on his Estate Badger? And if there is major difference or preference between the 3 types of knots that he offers: Select, Estate, and Super. He offers Select as the base knot; while the Estate and Super are more expensive. Looking for a 26mm.
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There is a pretty detailed breakdown of each knot type on Brad's site under the FAQ menu (www.bradsearsshaveworks.com).  That is a good start.

I only have the Estate Badger, which I love.  I like dense knots with a lot of backbone and scrub.  The Estate knot fits this description but with soft tips.  I don't know what knot type you like, but if you don't like what I just described, steer clear of the Estate knot.  

My Estate knot in English Butterscotch/Tortoiseshell Beehive pre blooming...

[Image: ZSwOnh6.jpg]

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The Estate knot is amazing. Very dense, great backbone, and really nice, soft tips.

Here is mine!
[Image: mtyAUc7.jpg]

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The Estate series in my opinion is a denser knot with more backbone than the select. The estate knots remind me of a Simpson Manchurian. I really like the 3 band super in a lower loft, but at a higher loft, I find it floppy,

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