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I have an ATT M2 Plate & a Merkur 37C (slant) to trade for stuff.

The ATT plate was bought last year, but had 2013 stamp on it. it's in great shape and shaves, well but its just too mild for me. I would like to trade it for ether a R2 or H1 plate (or maybe something else from list below).

I got the 37C to try out a slant, but after 3 shave I decided it wasnt for me. Though I forgot to take the picture I have the original box as well. Razor is still in beautiful condition, in the 2nd shot I tried to show how the razor had no scratches and was mirror smooth.

Below is a list of things I would be interested in (if needed willing to add cash to even trade). I'm also willing to entertain other offers:
  • iKon or Weber Head or Razor

  • Whipped Dog 30mm brush (perfer HMW)

  • PolSilver Super Iridium

  • Jurgen Hempel Handle

  • Semogue 2011 Limited Edition Brush

  • Feather Artist Club SS (prefer Lime)

  • Possible Fountain Pen stuff
I took the picture yesterday but didnt get time to make my post.

[Image: cFZTcUb.jpg]

[Image: d4GqPN3.jpg]

[Image: IzkV2lm.jpg]

[Image: sEZ6gGU.jpg]
Sold the Merkur 37c so just the ATT plate left

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