Bond No.9

Yes, the lady behind it used to work for Creed, and a lot of Bond No.9 are almost clones of Creed fragrances.

Yes, the lady beind Bond No.9 can come of as an arrogant person, proven in several cases in the last few years - closing down a YouTube channel, law suits and more stuff.

Yes, most of the Bond No.9 fragrances are easy going perfumes, sort of the same genre as Creed, but not always in many opinions as original.

BUT - I still love and will always appreciate a good deal of fragrances from this house - no matter, that I actually should boycot the brand because the lady behind the brand is the way she is.

Yet I still own 18 (almost) full 100 ml bottles of Bond No.9, and have further 3 on my to buy list (New York for all, Shelter Island and Scent of Peace for Him)

I actually was shipped Scent of Peace for Her instead of Scent of Peace for Him, and got a full refund and could keep the bottle, because I'm a good customer. And my girl friend was glad, because I gave it to her and Scent of Peace for her is a wonderfull fragrance too)

Today I'm wearing Brooklyn, a scent I at first thought was very ordinary and nothing special, but today I just seem to discover the qualities of this fragrance. Gin, cardamome, cedar wood, leather, grapefruit, geranium - just a very well blended fragrance. Totally niche quality juice. Good projection and long lasting on my skin.

Which brings me to my second point.

The good thing about most Bond No.9 is that most of them last on my skin.

They all smell pleasant, they are well blended. But some think they are far from spectacular, especially the niche snobs, but arguably they are on the less daring site and more on the safe boring side. But I like safe and boring too sometimes. Sometimes I prefer safe and boring........sometimes the very advanced niche frags are way too much for the situation I'm in.

But I don't think Bond No.9 makes fragrances for niche snobs and people, who want the very advanced fragrances.
They make them for the high fashion lady, that want something else than Dior, Chanel and Guerlain. And Bond No.9 makes good money on this.

Without further ado......here is my Top 10 Bond No.9 fragrances from my 18 bottle Bond No.9 collection:

1. Bleecker Street
2. New Haarlem
3. Silver Factory
4. Brooklyn
5. Riverside Drive
6. New York for all (This is on preorder, so will be my 19.th Bond No.9)
7. Eau de New York
8. Cooper Square
9. Scent of Peace for him (This is on preorder, so will be my 20.th Bond No.9)
10. Central Park

I also love Chez Bond, but the GIT reselblence is a bit too much, but I still find it quite a bit different than GIT - so definitely love wearing Chez Bond too.
Same with Hamptons, which resemblence Silver Mountain Water quite a bit - but still find it a bit different, than SMW.

Let me hear if you have any Bond No.9 fragrances you like, or you just boycot the brand for the reasons I mention above.
Cheers, Claus from Denmark
I like the names, being that I live and work here... But not much else I'm afraid. Too expensive, and seems like a shady place to work (https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Bond-N...236645.htm) not to mention the other controversies.

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Restitutor Orbis
I didn't know these things about Bond. Interesting.

I love their Scent of Peace, has a Creed vibe to it but this scent caught my attention. Something subtle but it's what I most remember when I came home from the mall after trying out all those perfumes.

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Chazz Reinhold HOF
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I'm glad that I only use two brands for my fragance needs.  Jo Malone and AdP.  Enough said Big Grin
Never liked Creed, for some reason I didn't like the scents that I tested.

Thanks for the info CHSeifert !

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San Jose, CA
I have sampled many Bond no 9's and generally find them to be fun, but not bottle worthy for me.

I love New Haarlem and like Bleeker St a lot ... cool to see those top of your list Smile

I also like Brooklyn, but am selling my bottle. The opening is very interesting, but that's about it for me. It might stay on my skin, but I can't smell it.

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