I'm Rob and I'm the owner of www.bobbyshave.com

I'm based in the UK and sell quite a few different blades and a small range of razors, soaps and creams. There is a also a sample pack builder page where you can order individual blades to create your own sample pack!

BobbyShave is a very small hobby-business of which the purpose is to turn enough of a profit to pay for itself and help pay for my shaving related acquisition disorders (DE shaving will save me money...remember when you thought that?).

The dream is to one day make a living from it but that's a long way off - I started with £50 and an Ebay account and any investment so far has been solely from reinvesting what  profit I don't spend on trying out soaps and different razors meaning it's an extraordinarily slow growing business! 

For now I'm just concentrating on enjoying it and trying out the new shave gear it helps pay for.

Please take a look and if you see anything you like, dislike or just want to comment on then get in touch - all feedback welcome.

Thanks - Rob


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Best of luck, Rob.

I've had a nose, particularly at the vintage razor - good prices! I think the key is to make a name by selling good and consistent quality - what you're offering over and above the bazaar of eBay is that you've already sifted out the crap. What you sell is already of a good standard and good to go, which takes a lot of the guesswork and risk out of it for folks wanting to buy a razor to use.

Again, best of luck!
That's very good of you to say - especially as I've cast a few envious glances at your acquisitions on a certain other board and know you have a very good eye for a razor. Especially swanky continental single edge sorts!
Cheers! Yes, a good eye will net some good razors but there are always risks and there are always mangey dogs that need a good clean-up. For folks who can't do that or don't want to do that, well, there's a service just like yours to pick up a known good razor in shave ready condition.

I just peddle my stuff to feed my addiction Big Grin

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