We are having a boar brush day at this side of the puddle today. I personally am a big fan of boar brushes. When properly broken in, I find them beautifully gentle on the skin, and I would like to point out that I'm an exclusive face latherer. In fact, I prefer them over some of my badger brushes. They can deal with hard soaps without problems, have good backbone (for the most part) and are a good choice for those soaps that require care with water addition, as they retain less water than their badger cousins. Needless to say, they also care better for your pocket.
All these are good reasons to keep a few boars in your den, but for me, just the feel of them is sufficient. I love that soft yet scrubby massaging action.
Are you boar brushes fans willing to chime in?. Pics are welcome, I'll add mine as soon as I'm home in the evening.

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Love boar brushes. They are the O-Line of the shaving world. Quietly getting the job done while not messing with the team salary cap.

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Boars are definitely part of my rotation of brushes and two of my favorites are also two very inexpensive ones.  I have had them long enough that the tips are amazingly soft.:

[Image: I3UWpE6.jpg]
Omega 10098

[Image: gbLWSmS.jpg]
Omega 10048

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I also enjoy a good boar brush knot, but they have to be larger than 26mm and the loft has to be below 60mm. Once the loft exceeds this, then it just has too much splay, unfortunately.
My favourite boar brush is the Zenith 28 x 57mm as the bristles are excellent, compared to the Omega Pro 48 & 49, which are both lovely brushes, but their lofts are too high and the bristles are not as good as the Zenith.

Having said this, I would never give up my 2-Band badger brushes, for a boar brush, as I just find the former to be so much more luxurious, especially when the price of an excellent 2-Band badger brush, such as the Maseto Shaving, is so reasonable. I don't foresee myself every foregoing these knots to use boar although I do enjoy using my Zenith boar brush, from time to time. Shy

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Love them. I sold my semogue 830 and I did regret it. I bought it again. Now I'm at peace with myself.

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Fortunately boar knots are not made in the USA. Our domestic, factory farmed pork industry has been quietly introducing GMO breeds with skin chromosomes from cattle to produce a superior hide for leather. My heirloom pig breed farm friends are no little horrified and reports of rather strange bristles and other skin deformities are slowly coming out.

I'm just getting back into boar brushes actually. I started with a small Omega (I forget the number), but it's no bigger than 20mm. Way too small. Then I ventured down the road of badger and synthetic, settling on the latter recently. Somewhere in there I acquired a Zenith boar though. I believe it's the same one that celestino was talking about, the 28 x 57. It's a fantastic brush. It had very soft tips from the get-go and required very little breaking in. Last week, Stirling came out with a 24mm boar brush for only $7.95. The shape of the handle and the low price drew me to it. I had my first shave with it today and it's a great brush for the price! It did shed quite a bit, but all the hairs were really short like they weren't even attached to the plug. Hopefully that subsides though. I'm going to use it for a month straight and see where it is after that.

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I haven't really settled in on a preference for badger, boar, or synthetic. I have several of each and have enjoyed the variety of each more than anything. The Stirling brush does seem to be calling me but right now my favorite boar is my Shave Revolution:

[Image: JmW9YYc.jpg]

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Love them all

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I'm enjoying my SOC boar immensely. Still more breaking-in to go but what an excellent brush.

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