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The EPIC Return of Blue Samhain! 

Scent Profile: Sandalwood, Burnt Sugar, Bourbon and Pumpkin, Oak Barrel Aged. 

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It's back people, one of our most epic and memorable fall favorites, Blue Samhain! This stuff is just smooth. Sensual, Boozy and down right masculine. You'll want to wear this all year...and you will!

Since 2018 there has been a little evolution in the recipe. Rather than rely on just the oak cubes as we had been using in previous years, we thought we'd go whole hog! Especially after the success of Oak Barrel Aged Atomic Age Bay Rum!  There's just something magical about the subtle undertones that a cask adds. What I like to call "ghost notes", and what could be more fitting for Blue Samhain than ghost notes? 

Scent Shape 

Blue Samhain is a rich blend of whirling Fall magic, and when you read Pumpkin, don't think Pumpkin Spice, for it's not. Just a pure fresh October carved Jack-o-Lantern note, thoughtfully blended with some moody sandalwood, burnt sugar and bourbon; Festive, sensual, sophisticated and boozy. 

Samhain? [Proniunced: “sa’win” or “sown”, depending on the dialect.

The word, "Samhain," is derived from a compound of two ancient Gaelic words, "sam," which was an old word for "Samrad," or "Summer," and "fuin," an ancient word for "end," referring to the "end" of Summer.  

Summer's End

The Irish divided the year into two parts—Summer from the 1st of May until the 1st of November, and Winter from 1st November to the 1st of May. Samhain marked the beginning of Winter, and was celebrated by one of the most important of all the Irish festivals, the "Feis-Temrach," or "convention of Tara." 
Besides being the time of Tara's important festival, Samhain Eve, the night before the 1st of November, (today's "Halloween"), was special since the Celts believed that all entrances into the Otherworld opened. 

This meant the fairy folk and other "immortals" might roam the earth as they pleased on this special night. Only the very brave ventured out of their homes on Samhain Eve for fear of meeting one of these supernatural beings. 

As for the artwork, this was inspired by a couple careless glasses of Doc Herson's Green Absinthe and a couple sugar cubes! 'Tis the season, no? As usual, there are some "easter eggs" to be found in the label...so have fun digging and researching the story being told for you seekers! 

Have A Safe & Happy Halloween My Friends!

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