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Anyone else try this before? I think it's Nickshaves that does this normally and a few shaves back I decided to try it, works well, since the water is all soapy. I normally use the bloom water to soap my brush, but this works fairly well to Smile

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I've tried it quite a few times and imho it makes no difference.

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I too saw Nick Shaves do it and understand the logic behind it.

But when I tried it myself, I didn't experience any benefit of doing so.

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Chazz Reinhold HOF
I didn't find any difference other than creating a bit more lather, but regarding the actual shave? No change.

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If I bloom the soap I will use it to add water when making lather. Using it as a pre-shave I have noticed no significant difference than just using water.

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Does it affect my shave? No. Do I use it? Yes. Why? Well.....why not? It's more great smelling soap on my face! I am sometimes surprised by how much of a wet mini lather I can work up with it on a few day old beard & it often tells me some things about the slickness of a new to me soap.

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Unless you are the lead dog, the view never changes...

I use this to wet my face before lathering, I think it does help to build lather better . On a slightly more disgusting note I've kept a pot of bloom water in my bathroom by the heater vent, I let it dry then I"ll add more bloom water on top. It's like a suicide shave soap. I've even used it a few times. But hey, its bloom water so it's not any dirtier than what your shaving with anyway. Try the suicide shave puck!

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That Bald Guy with the Big Beard
Bishop, CA
I've often wondered about this myself...

I use my bloom water as the initial water in the bottom of my scuttle when I start to lather. I just pour it off the soap into the scuttle, load my brush, and start making lather. I still add water as needed, but this has always made sense to me.

I will say that I am intrigued by the "Suicide Soap" idea. Might have to give that go...

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-Chris~Head Shaver~

Toronto, Ont. Canada
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I make my own pre shave.
I use bloom water and the leftover lather from numerous shaves. It requires a gentle shake to blend the two components which I assume are oil and soapy water.
I usually rub it on my face with my hands until a very thin translucent lather forms in about thirty seconds .
I then apply regular lather as usual. I also use it if my lather requires more moisture before and during the shave.
I occasionaly use it for the initial moistening of my brush. It does liven up the lather.
It has a gentle, pleasant scent of I don't know what.

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