Idaho Falls, Idaho
Get a distracted man in a wet environment who is hustling to get out the door all while surrounded by sharp objects and somebody is going to be cleaning up blood.  Tell your stories of being cut, how it happened, how it turned out, and what you learned.  Most of my cuts have been minor finger slices like a paper cut for a razor blade loaded into a razor with me cleaning some soap scum off.  Yeah, I know.  I unload the blade now.  But there was the time as a new straight shaver that for some reason I decided to move the blade parallel to the edge rather than lift it from my face like a sane person would do.  It wasn’t a bad cut but more like a two inch nick but I bled like a stuck pig.  The nick healed in two days and I learned to remind myself preshave daily that these things are sharp.

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St. Louis, MO
My electric trimmer works safer than the safety razor on my ears. They bleed a long time.

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Shave Sharp, Look Sharp

Rio Rico, Arizona
Mine was a “bite” from a wide mouthed slant razor ? that caught me under my nose. I mean literally right at the very base on the upper lip area! Bled and bled! Hahahaha. And then you try to scratch your nose during the day....sweet jeebus.

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"It's all ball bearings, hey!" - Fletch
This is going to sound odd. The loud sound of leaf blowers kept me from listening to the sound of the hair being cut. Fooled me into thinking when I moved the blade it was not cutting anything.

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I always take my razors apart after every shave to clean and dry. I normally use three piece razors where I hold the head in my left hand and twist the handle off with my right. One morning I was using my Rex Ambassador and absentmindedly grabbed the head between my left thumb and index finger and twisted the handle, forgetting that only the very end of the handle rotates to open the Rex. The head twisted in my hand and gave me a nice slash on both thumb and index. Running late for work; I slapped some antibiotic ointment on both wounds, taped them up as best I could, and put on a latex glove. Both slices had stopped bleeding by early afternoon.

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