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I saw this razor in an ad, it says it offers a safety razor shave and a straight razor shave. It seems kind of like a hybrid between the both. The website says it isn’t available yet and it seems kind of expensive, they have it listed at $199. What have y'all heard? I posted in another forum, but it didn't seem like anyone knew anything more than I did. These are pictures from their website. www.blockshavingco.com
[Image: finalpicwithwords_1060x.JPG?v=1567543898][Image: IMG_3643_copy_1060x.jpg?v=1567545149][Image: IMG_3641_1060x.JPG?v=1567543890]
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It looks like nothing more than a dual-headed DE with one side being a DEvette. I can tell you one thing that I am pretty certain of.......they should've put one tooth on either end of the DEvette side. Without them, it will be a touchy shaver, although probably no worse than any half-DE shavette on the market.

From my perspective, I'd say that a razor that is T-shaped is never really going to offer anything that even remotely resembles a straight razor shave.

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