I purchased the three models (classic, bulldog, and wave) and each was a blemish. But i have not been able to find a blemish on any of the three handles. A non-blemished SS handle goes for $29.99 but you could get all three models (blemished) for the price of one non-blemished. Again, the quality of the blemished handles I received are well above average. Personally, I think this is a great deal for stainless steel handle


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Which one are you liking the size/weight/feel of best?
(01-15-2019, 01:38 PM)DanielB Wrote: Which one are you liking the size/weight/feel of best?

That's a tough question because I enjoy each of them and everyone will have their own preference for weight/style/etc. But, I do prefer longer handles because I have large hands so the Classic edges out the other two. In terms of style, the edge definitely goes to the Wave. The knurling on each handle is really fantastic...almost feels like it has a grip on you Smile
I also bought a blemished bulldog weber handle and I cannot find one blemish.

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