Just wondering if anyone found a blade that feels the same and gives them about the same number of comfortable shaves as the GPs?

I literally only use the GPs and nothing else. I found them early on in my wetshaving experimentations a few years ago and really haven't looked back. I have explored with others, but never satisfied.
My favorite blade as well, although they are getting quite expensive. I've tried a lot of different blades, I have yet to find one just like it.
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One that I like just as much is the Gillette 7 O'clock Blacks made in India. Just excellent IMHO.

May also consider Personna Lab Blues or Rapira Platinum Lux.

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7:00 blacks and GSBs are about on even par with each other and just a tad under the Plats in my opinion.
GSBs are close.

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Feathers, but just for two shaves. Then they can get rough. I agree that for me Gillette Platinums are the best.

It's funny, when I started out in this hobby more than 2 years ago, my first razor was a Muhle R89 and first blade was a Gillette Platinum, first cream was Proraso Red.

Hundreds of $$$ and lots of razors, soaps, and blades later I really haven't done much better!
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I was just going through my old emails. I made my first "traditional wet shaving" purchase (first razor, brush, lathering cream, blades) on 9/30/2013. And I already was buying 100 packs of Gillette Platinums on 11/14/2013. Hardly used anything else with regularity since then.
Super iridium Polsilver. Heard they were going to stop making them though.
"With great regret, we would like to inform you that the rumors about End of production of Polsilver Super Iridium is true. Our information is that they are not in production as of mid-September. To be able to keep PSI blades in the market as long as possible, we will stop wholesales and prices will be gradually increased over time."

Platinums at 22 cents per blade aren't a bad price though.


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I wonder why Platinums are so much more expensive (relatively speaking) per tuck and per 100 than other Russian blades like the GSB or the PSI.

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