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I believe I have found the best blades for my face and my razors. I have sampled many blades, and have quite a few leftover.

I have 8 different brands, 37 individual blades total, that I would like to pass on to someone new to double edge shaving that needs to find the right blade for their razor and face.
Please post an “I’m in” by midnight August 4, and I’ll use random.org to pick a winner. I can only ship within the US (my apologies to our international members.)

[Image: 6cabdde78a5af73af4fd1e251f805688.jpg]

Gillette Platinum 4 blades
Voskhod 4 blades
Astra SP 5 blades
Kai 5 blades
Gillette 7 O’clock Super Platinum (Black) 5 blades
Gillette 7 O’clock Sharp Edge (Yellow) 5 blades
Big Ben 5 blades
Shark Super Stainless 4 blades
Personna Med Prep 1 blade
Rapira Swedish Super Steel 1 blade

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Very nice blades there! Thank you for Pifing. Not in, of course. Not a Newbie, and have quite a lot of blades. Always looking for more, but this PIF is not the place to do it.
Thanks again!

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I'm in. Many blades I've never tried

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Nice PIF! I am NOT in but a great effort and will make somebody very happy.
nice PIF...im in....thanks

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I'm in. Thanks for the great PIF.
Look Ma, I'm wet shaving, I'm wet shaving...

That's a fine PIF, but I'm not in.

I have many razor blades.
DE Gillette

scentless shaver
Oakland, ME
Good Day!

Thanks to all of you who looked over this blade PIF and to those who commented.  Congratulations to @"gregkw12" whose number was chosen by the generator at random.org!

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- Eric. What, am I done shaving already? Nuts, now I gotta wait again...

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@"gregkw12" you might want to delete that and send it via private message...

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