What’s y’all blades for the game changer.68?  I’ve used mine once with a new feather and it was a little bit to much. 

Gillette Platinum and Polsilver.

1) Personna Israeli Reds
2) Nacet
3) Polsilver
4) Astra
Personna and Astra are slightly milder than Nacet and Polsilver. You need to try them to see what works best with your skin, soap, and shaving technique with the GC. I also felt the Feather was too aggresive for me, in the GC .68. With the GC .84, I stick with Personna and Astra blades.
Astra green or blue work well for me in most of the modern razors I own.

my favourite blades KAI

East Coast USA
1. Gillette Silver Blues - My favorite
2. Gillette Nacets - A close second
3. Personna Red

The Gamechanger 0.68 is fantastic I have tried others but keep coming back to the GC

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