I recently was able to purchase a Cobra Classic. It cost a lot but was worth it. I'm loving this razor. The person I purchased it from sent a few blades each of the regular Feather Professional and the Feather Pro Guard. I've had a few shaves with each blade and like them both. Does anyone have experience with other blades that would fit the Cobra? If so, what are your opinions of them? I'd like to order some blades but I'm not sure which to get and/or to try.

Austin, TX
I am interested as well- I have a King Cobra inbound [should be delivered today!] and have the Pro Guards coming with as part of the price. Any other blade recommendations greatly appreciated [the Kai blades seem interesting based on experience with their DE].

This is my first SE so any tips welcome!

I would suggest buying a few different blades here and seeing which works for you.


I have a mongoose and went through several before I found a blade that somewhat works for me. While all blades are different for everyone I found the blade I liked best was Feathers Pro Supers. Everything else was to mild.

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Bob from Virginia
Some of the Cobra Classics wouldn't accept the Feather Super blades (I know that mind wouldn't). However, I've read that the King Cobra seems to take them just fine. With the Classic I would definitely stick to some single blade purchases from Try-A-Blade to make sure they fit before buying a full box of anything other than Feather Pros.

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