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San Diego CA
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Exciting news! Blackland has acquired our production partner Kinetic CNC. This deal enables Blackland to now produce all of our products in-house, giving us greater control over production and ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality razors in the world.

With this acquisition, we are getting more than just some machines. More importantly, we’re gaining the skills and experience of Kinetic’s founder, Tyler Jarrett, who joins the Blackland team as a partner and our Head of Manufacturing. With Tyer’s formal engineering background and deep knowledge of complex machining, he’s an incredible asset who will allow us to produce our current product range at the highest quality and push forward with increasingly innovative designs and concepts.

This acquisition also strengthens our commitment to American manufacturing and ensures that we’ll continue to produce world class products right here in San Diego with employees that are treated with respect and compensated fairly. Since we began in 2015, we’ve remained steadfast in our belief that a company can be successful while keeping production local and we’re proud to be building on that legacy.

For our customers, this move means we’ll be able to produce our current lineup at an even higher level of quality. We’ll also be able to move quickly to introduce new designs, materials, and finishes. You can expect limited edition models, concepts more innovative than ever, and even non-razor products. Bringing production under the Blackland roof opens up a world of possibilities and we can’t wait to get to work.

Shane & Tyler

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Wow ! Congratulations .

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Congratulations Shane and Tyler !

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Congratulations! Seems like a great move for your company.

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Philadelphia, PA

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

San Diego CA
Thanks, everyone. Exciting times ahead for Blackland and our customers.

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Congrats gentlemen

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Why was the original Sabre design (GEM blades) discontinued?
Cool! Full speed ahead!

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How to Want What You Have
Quote:. . . employees who are treated with respect and compensated fairly.  — Blackland Razors 
That means a lot to me.

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