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Hi all,

dominicr was kind enough to send me a soap and aftershave balm to use as a pass around for the forum.

Included in the pass around will be their unscented soap, post-shave balm in their casino royale scent and shave oil in the casino royale scent that can be added to the soap.

If you're interested in trying out the products, please comment that you're in. I think if everyone keeps the products for 1 week and then passes it on, that should be sufficient!

I'll ship the products out probably next Tuesday or Wednesday after I get some time with the products... I'll post some photos of the products included in the pass around tomorrow night...

PIF List:
Rogue13 (UK)

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That Bald Guy with the Big Beard
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I'm in!

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-Chris~Head Shaver~

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Just a heads up for everyone. We have a unique system of an unscented soap and scent oil. Bowl lathering works best. A little scent or a lot. YOU are in control. Enjoy!

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Philadelphia, PA
I finally got around to testing out the soap last night.  I did a usual palm lather...here's the results after about a 15 second load using my razorock plissoft and copious amounts of water:

[Image: eKB4tbV.jpg]

[Image: OXQDxce.jpg]

[Image: E9WPWcV.jpg]

[Image: 2NP90fK.jpg]

[Image: i3YpRpv.jpg]

[Image: GumEHN8.jpg]

[Image: oWReQb1.jpg]

[Image: IRDjzw1.jpg]

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I am in. That lather looks amazing.

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I'm in, I can't pass on a chance to try a new soap!

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Jeff -L.O.S.E.R.

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sorry for the delay, gents.

the soap, oil and aftershave will be going out to BadDad on Wednesday. I'll share my thoughts on the products Tuesday afternoon/night.

@"rogue13" and Polishaver I added you to the list. @"rogue13", I moved you to the bottom due to the amount of time it takes to ship something to/from the UK.

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Okay mate, that makes sense. Looking forward to trying it out.

Philadelphia, PA
My thoughts...

Soap/Oil: The soap lathers easily and needs a good bit of water to make it nice and slick with a good level of cushion. the ability to customize your scents with the shave oil is cool, but I think it's more geared towards bowl lathering than face lathering. since I'm a 100% face latherer unless I'm testing a lather for the first time where I'll palm lather, I rubbed 4-5 drops of oil into my face and then started face lathering after I loaded my brush. the scent from the oil came through, but it was muted for a little bit and was on the mild side. I smelled more of the natural soap base than the scent from the oil. perhaps rubbing more oil into my face next time will allow the scent to come through more.

Regarding the actual smell of the scent, it's nice, though a tad on the sweet side for me. YMMV, of course.

My biggest complaint with the soap is the tub it comes in. The tub has good depth to it, but it's very narrow. This doesn't lend itself well to getting a good load on the brush. Thankfully the soap wasn't filled to the top so even though the tub was very narrow, I didn't have lather spilling all over the place and going to waste. I'm told by dominicr that they're looking into addressing this.

Aftershave: The aftershave balm is a nice consistency and goes on easy and soaks in rather fast. I put it on a few hours before going to bed and could still get faint whiffs of the scent ~ 8-9 hours later. my skin was also fairly supple after that amount of time too - not as supple as say my barrister reserve, chatillon lux or krampert's finest aftershave, but pretty good for the price.

The only thing I'd change with the aftershave is rather than having it in a screw top tub, I'd put it into a squeezable bottle. That's just my personal preference for balms..

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Good feedback. We are changing the soap container to a 3 5/8" wide tub for the soap. It will be better for loading up. Problem solved.

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