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Happy Turkey Day Folks!
Boy do we have some fun stuff planned for this weekend! Beginning Friday we will be releasing 3 of our Seasonal, Holiday Classics: Lump of Coal, Kiritimati and Cane!

Also, be on the lookout for our Shampoo/Conditioner Pucks & *Preshave Soap Buy 2 get 1 free Deals! This special sale will be for Black Friday Only so plan accordingly!

We will also be posting Our Limited Edition BurmaShave gear! Only available Friday thru Monday! You will also be visited by The Ghost of Traditional Shavings Past, some real unobtanium!


That's right my friend, 6 Very Special Phoenix Aftershaves from the past revisit us for one weekend only and on sale! Each myths and legends in their own right: Dirty Cupcake, Bad Obsession, Radical Riverside Blossom, Douglas (fir), Lavender Cedar and Sk-8 Shop!

These bad boys have been hiding in the bottom of our perfume cabinet, full batches left maturing since they were discontinued! Some aged (matured) as much as 4 years! I have now finished them and bottled them for our friends and customers! There's a reason these don't often show up for resale anywhere...scoop these up fast folks!

Also on Friday
We will be releasing a Special Limited Edition PAA Coffee Diner Mug with 2 Ounces of our never before released Butter Mint Crown King Shave Soap! This Weekend Only!
For Monday we decided to offer a discount code that can be used site wide!

So make a note, Discount Code: CHEER goes live Monday!

A Quick Note...aside from having featured items on our home page, we will also have some NEW MENU Buttons just for this weekend; Unobtanium, Stocking Stuffers, ETC. Be sure to check 'em out. Also, there are links all throughout this newsletter, even the images are clickable so click away! (They Go Live Friday)

If at anytime you have a question or concern be sure to drop us an email at support@phoenixshaving.com and Fran or myself will get back to you ASAP!

*CUBE is not part of the preshave soap promotion.


Lump Of Coal ~ Find A Diamond, WIN $50 GC

How could we not bring back such a holiday classic? Just like last year, we have hidden a "diamond" in one of these hand formed soap Coals...care to take a chance, you naughty wet shaver you?!?!

This was a lot of fun last year, took about 5 months before the lucky winner discovered the diamond in his soap! It may seem novelty, but Lump of Coal is actually some fine soap, super slick and packed with activated charcoal!

I gotta say,the scent is rather whimsical too; Smokey, Coal Stove, Holly Berry Goodnes...a very festive, nostalgic scent and a post shave feel to kill for! It pairs perfectly with Cane!


Irisch Moos Aftershave

Also Don't Miss the Irisch Moos! We may be the last vendor to carry this before this classic is gone!


Time to blast of with our Planetary Sample/Travel Pack!
Red Planet, Vetiver Planet, Lavender Planet & Planet 9....a most EPIC combination!

Remember those mini cereal boxes they sold back in the day? Do they still sell 'em? Regardless, this would be my version of that...just as soap. I know someone out there is following me on this. (hi Chad!)

This is a terrific way to experience my Tang of the Spheres (Odor Universalis) Series, be it for you or a gift! There is a triality to the title of this series. Immediately most of you 70's babies get the first Tang reference, the second is the meaning of Tang:
a : a sharp distinctive often lingering flavor
b : a pungent odor
c : something having the effect of a tang (as in stimulation of the senses)

The third, and most esoteric, is the play on Musica universalis or Music of The Spheres (or planets). This is an homage to Pythagoras.

But all this really means is, YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!


Kiritimati Returns!

Kiritimati is quite possibly the Manliest Holiday Seasonal Scent Available...Frankincense, Myrrh and 1 year Barrel Aged Bay Rum. Word to the WISE, if you consider yourself a Bay Rum Aficionado and don't own this...YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

Each bottle contains a West Indian Bay Leaf too for good measure and a funky snow globe effect!



If ever there was a Northpole Barbershop Scent, THIS is It!

Granted, we did turn the peppermint all the way up but it's the dry down that is really special; Cornmint, Rose, Talc, Bergamot, Oakmoss and a touch of Vetiver!

The Cornmint not only adds to a already minty top note, but also lends a mild menthol kiss! This is sure to be a holiday classic and a bottle you return to even in the warmer months. This could be considered CaD's 3rd Winter cousin thrice removed! Smile


Limited Edition Shave Gear

We attempted to do a Limited BurmaShave Gear Release before...thing is, we only offered it for a day. Yeah, that was dumb. Needless to say the emails and PMs flooded in, folks missed out on these classic T-shirts and wanted another chance to grab one...or 5! You asked, begged and pleaded, we delivered!

That said, I should also mention we have a rather extensive shave apparel selection now, PAA/CK shirts and some vintage style ones too!

These are great conversation starters to say the least and a fantastic way to represent!


Diner Mug Buttermint CK Shave Soap

Let's face it, diner style mugs are pretty hip, feel good in the hand and are down right manly. We thought it might be cool to add some Buttermint scented Crown King soap to a diner mug...we were right, it is cool.

Man this is such a great scent, I get a whole thin mint vibe while Fran gets a Wedding Candy vibe...whatever comes to mind for you, you're going to want to eat it!

Enjoy this super slick and creamy Limited Edition soap until it's gone...then pour yourself a coffee in your new mug!


'Tis the giving season, no? What better to give than the gift of smooth shaving! We have put together a few variations of what we think are some terrific Starter Kits!

No matter if they already have a razor and just need a slick artisan soap and brush or they need an entire Starter Kit, we got you covered and at such a great price!

Remember to use Discount Code: CHEER


TAKE ACTION NOW: Want a Reminder when links go live? Want a Discount Code sent directly to your phone? Subscribe to our Release Notifications NOW: http://please-alert.me


Well Folks, I believe that is it!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from our little family to yours!

Thank You For Over 5 Years of Awesomeness!

That said, one thing I know I am very thankful for is...you, be it not for you fine folks, Fran and I would never get to pour our hearts and souls into our many creations. We very much appreciate your continued support & belief in us, we would not be here without you...damn it, i always get a little teary eyed when I think of this...sigh.

Clearly, words fail the "word guy" most in these moments, just know we will keep the innovation and value coming my friends! Now go watch the parade and throw that Nerf ball around later!

Shave On & Stay Groovy!
Douglas & Fran


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“If I asked for a cup of coffee, someone would search for the double meaning” – Mae West

Will the discounts be available from international resellers for those of us that want to buy products with alcohol in them?

Arizona, USA
No sir, not to my knowledge. Folks who stock us in Europe are independent businesses who buy our products from My EU Distributor, I don't even know who most of our stockist are over there! You may want to contact your favorite site and ask them. Thanks for your interest!

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“If I asked for a cup of coffee, someone would search for the double meaning” – Mae West

I only know of one from where I am from.
You sell his after balm upon your site, which is astoundingly good stuff.
Sucks that we miss out upon the rarer/limited items due to location, let alone the sales.

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Arizona, USA
(This post was last modified: 11-26-2017, 04:58 AM by CaD314.)
I agree, i wish I had more control over that. Let Con know what you would like to see before your next order with him, like any good business, he listens to his customers! I will say, with that very dilemma in mind, I did give Con one of my rarest scents which he calls "The Kiss", I have guys over here complaining they have to get it from Con! So I try!
Another thing to try is requesting other stores over there consider carrying us; health food stores, barbershops, men's boutiques, etc. Send them to http://phoenixshavingwholesale.com and we'll see what we can make happen! Smile
Take care my friend!

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“If I asked for a cup of coffee, someone would search for the double meaning” – Mae West

(This post was last modified: 11-26-2017, 06:42 PM by tokenaccount.)
Thanks for the reply and understanding the frustration we feel over on this side of the big pond.
Most fail to realise freight is $45+ for Priority alone and they refuse to ship alcohol products.
Add to that that some vendors are anal about sending badger and boar products and most forum sales are marked with the dreaded CONUS for second hand items we miss due to time zone differences and it really does feel like a raw end of an lubricated stick.

Perhaps a percentage of products can be temporarily set aside for international requests via resellers so we get a fair crack at the sav and don't miss out?
When a period of time passes with none reserved for international vendor requests, they're listed again upon your site?
It's not a perfect system, yet will even the playing field somewhat for the rest of the world.

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