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First off, Happy Holidays people!


[Image: 7mwCS89.jpg]

Third, welcome back to another BLACK FRIDAY! It's on people! And rather than go on and on as I tend to do, I'm just gonna point you to the flyer above!
That said, you may want to screen capture and share that flyer! That is, if you want to win this year's Advent Calendar (Our Most EPIC Yet)!

Do you have the kind of holiday willpower it takes to handle this kind of "Instant" Christmas Classic?
[seriously, stop thinking of shaking the box already.]

SURPRISE: WIN A RARE Rose Gold/Copper Ascension Razor Prototype with a Certificate Of Authenticity! The Catch, ONLY ONE Advent Contains A Gold Winning Ticket!!! The other catch, you have to play along and open each door for 12 days! No peeking, no rushing ahead! Prize can only be claimed after Christmas! *If you contact us before, you lose the prize...so have fun and remember, take it one day at a time starting 12/14!

ATTENTION - NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Sadly, due to the size & nature of this advent calendar, we can only ship to the continental USA. I do apologize to the rest of the planet & pray a buddy in the USA gifts you one for the holiday! If you purchase a calendar to ship to an international destination we will have to remove that from the order and refund you. We apologize for the inconvenience. *UNLESS: You are willing to accept full responsibility for the package. Email us at support@phoenixshaving and we will try to work a Xmas Miracle!

A Traditional Shaving um, Tradition! Oh baby do we have a KILLER Advent this year! Not only will you discover some long lost classics that span back over Phoenix Shaving history, but also some unreleased gems; or what I like to call "Ghosts of Shavemas Future"! Seriously, there are some real rarities in this box! And then again there is the added thrill of possibly discovering our golden ticket!

That Classic, Instantly Recognizable, PAA Advent Design!

After last year's design I finally feel like we have arrived. Meaning, rather than introduce a new design every year I want to offer a solid traditional design. Just like certain cookie tins, or other classic holiday time products have always done...a tradition in itself. I want someone to eventually walk into a room and immediately notice the Traditional Phoenix Shaving Advent year after year, without any doubt! Besides, the only thing we really need to update year after year is Keepsake Fruitcake! (and the matching annual ornament!)
Who's Ready For A Trip Back In Time & The Future?

This kit contains 5 discontinued yet much loved and sought after past scents from the last decade, or what I like to call, Ghosts of Shaving Past! What lies behind the 7 other doors are ALL NEW and an exclusive peek into the Phoenix Shaving Future! That's right folks, this holiday season you will find yourself visited by not only 5 ghosts from the past, but 7 EPIC Ghosts from the future! Eat your heart out Mr. Dickens!

What's Inside?

What, and ruin the surprise? I will say you will find a 1 ounce bottle of Aftershave/Cologne and approximately .50 Ounces of a matching Ultra Premium Formula CK6 Shave Soap within each perforated door. As for which scents, not knowing is part of the Christmas Magic! I should also note the size of this bad boy... Approx. 16" x 16" & Weighs close to 5 lbs!!! It's Flip'n HUGE! (and even looks great displayed out by the tree even! Bachelors take note!)

Don't Snooze On This, They're Gonna Go Fast!

Advent Calendar Directions: Beginning on December 14th, start by opening door number one before your daily shave...that's it! Included in each daily advent present you will not only find a "Ghost of Shaving Past or Future" but also a tiny description about the fragrance and it's possible origin! Again, please resist all temptation to open all the panels on day one, trust me it's worth it!

Merry Shavemas Folks & Have A Crack'n Black Friday!

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"Your Home Of Epic Seasonal Scents, Phoenix Shaving!"
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