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My wife and daughter celebrated my birthday this weekend. I got some good stuff!

[Image: nB6334v.jpg]

Clockwise from the top:
Stamps and 2 packs of Papyrus (company name) Deckle edged writing paper. This is one of my favorite papers. Heavy stock that looks and feels classy with no bleed through.

Vintage Parker Quink Red Ink.

A really cool reproduction wax seal kit.

A 1959 Gillette Fat Boy in excellent shape and with a near perfect case.

A vintage Old Spice stein decanter that is 60% full. I love the smell of vintage Old Spice.

An Old Spice shaving mug.

[Image: uukPvbu.jpg]
This is the Fat Boy. The numbers and indicator are fully painted. The razor looks good and shaves great. I thought it would be the exact same shave as my slim adjustable from that era but the Fat Boy gives me a better shave.

[Image: xtqM6uW.jpg]
Parker Red Quink. I just discovered Quink at the beginning of this year. I love the way it handles in my pens. And the quick drying is a plus for this smearing prone left handed writer. This red is a brilliant hue and looks stunning on white paper.

[Image: PwqsChs.jpg]
The reproduction wax selling kit. Under the lid it has a wax seal on a wooden handle, a melting spoon and an alcohol lamp. In the pull out drawer there are sticks of wax. I filled the lamp and lit it. Works fine.

The wax is a hard wax reflective of the era. Modern waxes are flexible and do not crack nor break when processed by automated USPS mail sorting equipment.  The hard wax in the kit would not survive.

Unfortunately all of my flexible wax is at camp. But once I use this kit I will post photos of the process.

It was a great weekend.


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Phil, happy belated birthday! Happy2
Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart

Excellent haul for your birthday.

Your girls have great taste!
Shave yourself.

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Wow! They must really love you, happy birthday PhilNH5

Austin, TX
Great and thoughtful gifts - happy birthday Phil! Your new Fatboy in particular looks absolutely pristine.

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Happy birthday, Phil. Those are fantastic gifts. Use them in the best of health. Smile

Southern Ohio
Happy birthday and what wonderful gifts they gave you!

Awesome gifts! Happy birthday and I hope you enjoy them!
- Jeff

Thank you all for the well wishes.

I have used the razor all week and really enjoy it.


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