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We celebrated my birthday today.

I received the L'Occitane aluminum bowl and a puck of soap from my daughter. The bowl is beautiful

My mom gave me Azzaro Chrome Legend cologne - my favorite and signature scent.

From my wife, a birth year Superspeed.

And my wife baked a Jewish applecake, a speciality of hers, for me.

A very good day.
[Image: Mvw3kNF.jpg]

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Definitely one heck of a happy birthday. Wink

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Happy day of birth Phil. Sounds like a day for the history books. Well, as long as said books are penned with some shade of blue ink & from a fountain pen.

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>>> Brian <<<
Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!
Looks like an excellent spread for a wet shaver. Great scent on the chrome. Happy birthday Phil!
Happy belated birthday looks like the only thing left out is maybe something cold to drink to wash that cake down. Happy birthday

I just had my birthday on September the 3rd.

And I got this watch.

[Image: DgfMfUi.jpg]

[Image: mpgu9Yi.png]

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Happy Birthday, if thats you in the picture you look remarkably like Roger Federer Big Grin

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Happy Birthday. I like the watch - but how do you tell what time it is?

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Yes, that is Roger the tennis player.

The Watch: The picture has glare. The circle is different. But there is a circle. Some modern thing that I can't remember.

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