Arizona, USA
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http://thebigshaveswest.com [Please Share!]

It's Coming Up Fast People! We are 26 days out, so Get Here...we'll do the rest!

For one day, 10 am - 6 pm, The Big Shave S'west will be the worlds largest Shave Fest, All Are Welcome to Join Us, Admission is ALWAYS FREE! Go S'west Young Man!!!

~ Vendors
~ Artisans
~ Youtubers
~ Live Demos
~ Live Panels
~ Live I'd Lather Be Shaving
~ Live Gentleman Scofflaw Podcast
~ Live Mantic 59
~ The Big Shave Best Competition
~ Free Straight Razor Shaves
~ Product Debuts & Announcements
~ Planned Activities 4/25-4/27
~ Door Prizes, Samples, Swag and So Much More!

All this in Beautiful, Historic, Shave-cation land, Downtown Chandler, Arizona!

Any Questions? PM or Email Me Anytime!

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“If I asked for a cup of coffee, someone would search for the double meaning” – Mae West

Super excited!!!

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I'm sure there will be more videos coming out. Hope everyone had a good time.

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