has anyone used Big Ben (blue pack) blades? how are they? i have a sample pack, but am kinda reluctant to try them for some reason. probably because i have some feathers coming in, astra sp is my main, and voskhods are becoming a favorite.
For kicks last week (maybe too many beers and fireworks) I ordered like 15 different 5 packs of blades.  Big Ben was in my imbibed purchase.  I shave my face and head, and I can tell you that the blades I use on my head are more mild than on my face.  I tried three passes with Big Ben on my face and immediately it went to my head.  

Mild blade, forgiving, smooth.  It's not bad especially for the price.  The problem is what one guy loves for blades the next guy hates, but I might order more of these to shave my head.  My head blade for a year has been shark super chromes and Big Ben, I feel, is better.

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I like them. As steeleshaves says they are fairly mild feeling but they give a good shave. Plus they have a pretty box!

There's only one way to know for sure if you'll like them though....

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They are decent blade. FWIW, Lord only makes two different blades, the regular stainless ones & the platinum ones which are damn good. Like many manfs. they rename a blade for different markets in the World.
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Big Ben's are a great blade for the price.
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