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I just came across this listing:


Never thought that a brush could be "misrepresented" that severely in the description...
Yeah... Not so great a description but the knot on the brush looks quite good. I have to say it's worth looking at it just to see that Simpson Samson brush there though! That's not one that is seen too often.
I noticed something looking at it again today. It's not even with the correct brush box. That's an M7 box there, but in the correct color of Butterscotch at least. Might see an M7 listed soon.
Exactly! And the hair type on the box is Super...

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In all fairness, he corrected the typo. Also, he has perfect feedback. Yes, it's the wrong box, but I think he's taking an undeserved hit from this forum.
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I just checked the listing and the description does not seem to be corrected. I also do not see anything derogatory or insulting that is coming his (or her) way from the comments here. I think that if a seller does not pay attention to his/her item description to that extent, it was my responsibility to warn fellow wet shavers about a less then accurate representation of an item that might turn out to be something else.
(10-01-2018, 11:36 PM)ANG69 Wrote: Exactly! And the hair type on the box is Super...

More specifically, the box is for a butterscotch M7 handle in super with a Chubby 3 manchurian brush next to it in the picture. Probably an honest mistake but in my opinion, for a $400 asking price, maybe double check your items details before clicking post.
$400 brush and still charging $10 for shipping Dodgy

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The listing for the title was always correct stating Manchurian. The description was in question with the incorrect terminology.

The label is actually correct. Simpson doesn't have a specific label stating Manchurian Badger. What they do is use a Super Badger label and write Manchurian directly underneath that. I've always mentally blocked that Super after and have seen Manchurian badger after awhile.
[Image: 0Z1pFEE.jpg]

Photographic evidence.

I have a Chubby 3 Manchurian in Candystripe not in the photo (I'm a lazy geek, I found it after the picture. Forgive me gentlemen.) from late 2017 that is the same as these boxes. No label specifically denoting 'Manchurian Badger'. Only labels that specifically denote Pure Badger, Best Badger, Super Badger, and Synthetic Badger (Center box on the bottom).

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I forgot to mention primotenore has a bit of a point, as does Ang69 and Zac as well. The fellow has excellent feedback, and I see where it can be seen as taking a hit. Not meaning that there was anything derogatory said as Ang said, but I can see where primo is coming from with his comments. I understand Zac's comments too about double checking the description, and had that problem tonight numerous times despite triple checking in some cases.

I sent the fellow a message to let him know about the listing having a few details off, and when he got the brush as I'd personally like to know. Irrespective of anything wrong in the listing, that Chubby 3 Manchurian has one excellent looking knot to it in my opinion, and for that Samson as well. Character

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