Title says it all guys, would prefer an Alcohol based splash though.
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Declaration. No question.

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(10-31-2018, 03:15 AM)NJDJ Wrote: Declaration. No question.

I believe it's called Trismenigus (or something similar). I don't have this Declaration aftershave, but I enjoy the scent of the soap very much. Fine's L'Orange Noir is a very nice aftershave in the same scent, although the Fine aftershaves are lacking in the face feel I expect.

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I really enjoy Fine L'Orange Noir

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In my experience, the Fine product is not as lasting as the Declaration.

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My experience with Fine L'Orange Noir is a bottle that is probably 3 years old, lovely strong fragrance. I do not know the new bottles are the same or not. Anyone tried both?

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Stirling Arkadia is another one.

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Declaration makes one of the best aftershave formulas. Highly under rated and not talked about enough. Excellent face feel and moisturizing from an alcohol based splash.

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I have the Fine L’Orange Noir and Declaration Grooming aftershaves, as well as Terre d’Hermes cologne. The biggest difference I notice between the aftershaves is in the skin feel. Fine is a classic, minimalist AS - alcohol, water, menthol, and fragrance. I don’t normally prefer “classic” aftershaves, but the Fine is a well-done example IMO, and I enjoy it when I’m in the mood. The DG has witch hazel, aloe, glycerin and a few other “skin food” goodies in addition to the classic ingredients. I like the DG too; I can feel the burn and the cool with it, and my skin feels better afterwards (less dry or not dry). Both resemble the Terre d’Hermes scent nicely enough to be used with it, at least so far as my aging nose can tell.

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Seconded HighSpeed

However there is only one Terre dHermes and anything else is not. If asking for an accompanying AS that is not Hermes, then understand that an AS has scent but is designed to fade quickly by definition. Having AS battle frag for dominance is a bad show. Under this criteria, Fine l’Orange Noir it is.

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