I googled and did not find anyone with there likes or favorite SE blades. Will be getting my ATT SE1 in the next 3-5 days. Hoping for some help from my fellow members. I did order a sampler from tryablade.

If you could post which razor you have and your top two blades. Thanks.

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Personally, my favorite and go to blade is the Kai Captain Mild.  I own all three razors.

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In the Cobra Classic I get the smoothest shaves from the Feather Professional. I tend to prefer the Kai in the Mongoose- what do you know?

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(I think I know who No.1 is!)

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I never could get a truly efficient shave when I had my Mongoose (I tend to lean towards more aggressively efficient razors). It was always a super smooth experience, but I found myself having to touch up more with the Mongoose than I do with my ATT H2, R41 or MMOC. The closest I ever came to a really solid shave with the Mongoose was utilizing the Feather Pro Super Blades. They provide a tad more blade exposure and I think this makes a difference.

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I have the Alumigoose 2 and the ATT SE1. I've only used the Feather AC Pro in the Alumigoose. I've used the Feather AC Pro as well as the Pro Super in the ATT SE1. I would say that I had better results with the Pro Super in the ATT and I should try that blade in the Alumigoose 2. I need to get a pack of the Kai Captain Mild blades that hrfdez suggested too. I've heard good things about the Kai Milds.

Using tryablade.com is a great way to figure out which blade works best for you without dumping a lot of money into full packs.
Feather Pro is the middle.

Kai Mild is a little gentler.

Feather Pro Super is a bigger blade. Sticks out further at the cutting edge.
Shave yourself.

I prefer Feather Professionals in my Cobras and Feather ProGuards in the Geese.
My ATT is arriving tomorrow, yipyip! Gonna try a professional for the first shave and see how that goes.
Best of luck in finding a blade that suits you.

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