Hi guys, since yesterday was my b-day, i was looking at getting a new brush or knot.

So my question is, as of right now, current batches, who has the best silvertip knots?The best quality knots. I dont want any scritch or scratch. Talking about places like whipped dog, TGN, or any other in that range.

Also, who has the best quality 2-band knots right now, same artisan type places? Again no scritch or scratch.

Will be face and bowl lathering but i definitely want soft tips. Have a Duke 2 so i have something to face lather with if need be. Not worried about handle and will probably get 22-24mm size.
Thanks for your opinions.

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IMO, useless I may add, Shavemac 2 band Silvertip, Nathan Clark Envy White, and Brad Sears 2 or 3 band Manchurian badger.  Those are the most prominent in my large badger farm :-)

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agree with Hector above, and find his opinion very useful,
I have 2 of the 3 knots he has recommended above
the Shavemac  2band ST and the Nathan Clark Envy White they are must haves in my opinion,
recently I also got  a Wolf Whiskers with the TGN HMW 26mm and a Romera chubby Manchurian fan again both are  brilliant knots
Raj K
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If the OP is looking at TGN price range, Shavemac 2 band blows the top of his budget by about 5 times.


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Happy Belated Birthday! Happy

I would have to say that Shavemac has the best options for stand-alone knots. There isn't anyone else who can compare with their variety.

If you are looking, solely, for the softest 2-Band knots, then, Shavemac Silvertip 2-Band is an excellent option. TGN 2-Band Finest is also quite good for the price, but the knots can be quite inconsistent. Romera 2-Band knots are very nice, but are difficult to obtain.

Good luck.
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ShaveMac is probably the best but a bit on the pricey side. I find the Envy Whites to be the best value. Great knot and the price is pretty good. If you like super soft two band brushes ACE Shaving can be really good. Dirt cheap prices but you run the risk of getting a bad knot. I find the risk worth it as the two Band knots are under $20. I haven't had a bad one yet and I have ordered at least four of them. They don't have much backbone though.

Chazz Reinhold HOF
(04-12-2016, 04:50 PM)Bruce Wrote: If the OP is looking at TGN price range, Shavemac 2 band blows the top of his budget by about 5 times.


My bad @Bruce, I missed that. I got some TGN HMW on a Couple of my WW that are very nice. Just as good.
So whats the difference in TGN HMW, premium silvertip, grade a silvertip, and super silvertip.

Also whats the difference in the regular finest and the F2finest?
So what is the difference in the TGN Hmw, premium silvertip, super silvertip and grade A silvertip?

What is the difference in the Finest and Finest F2?

Also does how does knots from TGN and whipped dog compare quality wise?

I know its a lot of questions, so thanks for taking your time to help me out.
TGN and whipped dog IMO are of comparable quality that many shavers really enjoy. All of the TGN silver tips you listed in my experience get a bit softer as you go up in grade. I have no experience with the HMW but have seen some favorable reviews. The difference in the finest and F2 finest I have read again as I have not experienced the F2 has to do with the backbone the hair offers. I'm not sure of how either stacks up against the other as I seen that review a while back. Finest for me was a great bargain, the knots I purchased a while back were of the gel tipped variety and had the extreme hooked tips that dried stuck together. These knots had great face feal and nice backbone when set properly.

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