Hey great shavers, I'm about to open a fresh dank can of worms here!

I'm looking for my next aftershave balm/lotion/cream/emulsion.
I do love my EDTs and EDPs so scent isn't always my go-to (even though I love GFTs Spanish leather skin food as post and the matching EDT for example).
Post shave performance for my overly sensitive skin and either low scent or something with a matching soap perhaps?

Blessed be your shaves!

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Infamously terrible and damaged skin here. Without exaggeration, have spent at least $1.000 on different balms and postshave serums. Nothing works better than ETHOS Skin Food followed by Replenish - add a smattering of ABC balm but only if a particularly nasty winter day

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Ethos is awesome! So is raw Shea butter. One is cheaper than the other.

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For my skin, the best ones I can recommend are Tundra Artica, Manna di Sicilia, Desert Vetiver and Opuntia, all by Saponificio Varesino. Many people aren't as jazzed by these and how they perform on their skin but these are the best I have ever used and could happily enjoy those for how calming they are on my facial skin.

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I haven't tried a ton of post-shave products, but my favorites are from PAA.

I really like the way PAA Star Jelly makes my skin feel.  It does have alcohol, and the scentsless version has a touch of menthol.  Not sure if you're sensitive to those.  It doesn't make my skin feel dry, it makes it feel nice and soft, but not oily or greasy in any way.

If you'd prefer a more traditional balm, then PAA Mysterium Serum is also very good.  They think so highly of it that they offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.  I like the Mysterium Serum, but I prefer the Star Jelly.

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Kiehl's Post-Shave Repair Gel. It's unscented. I've tried, and like, a number of artisan post-shaves, my favorite among them being from the Village Barber. https://www.westcoastshaving.com/product...balm-125ml

Nivea makes a good, inexpensive post-shave balm. So does Cremo. And, though I haven't tried it, I suspect La Toja's post-shave balm is tops. 

But from my experience, Kiehl's and Village Barber are the balms that feel the best and do the most to soothe irritation. Since everyone's skin is different, you might find that something else does the trick. My face swears by Kiehl's and V.B. 

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