Nashville, TN
Below are pics of some straight razor scales I made.  The material is double red coral micarta.  The mirror finish is such that you can see the colors of the things reflected in the third picture.

[Image: Coral%20Micarta%203A_zpspaepqijz.jpg]

[Image: Coral%20Micarta%205_zpsptxyp5w3.jpg]

[Image: Coral%20Micarta%202_zpsythhyz43.jpg]
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Very nice pete123.

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Vancouver, BC
Excellent work, Pete and those scales look gorgeous! Happy2
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San Diego, Cal., USA
Pete, those scales are beautiful. Excellent work and enjoy that razor. Happy2
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Idaho Falls, Idaho
Very nice
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Northern Arizona
Quite beautiful Pete. I really like the finish!
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Beautiful work!
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