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The recent thread about which collaborations we'd like to see got me thinking.... Why aren't there more top tier artisan Bay Rum shaving soaps on the market? I really do like Bay Rum and its always interesting to see what a creative type can come up with using Bay Rum. Take for example Chatillon Lux's Blackberry Blossom Bay. Its not a Bay Rum but its certainly a bay forward scent. I'm wearing the toner right now and its beautiful.

Now Barrister and Mann has a nice Bay Rum although its been unavailable for a while and Mystic Waters makes a decent one too. Tallow + Steel has Grog (discontinued) and West Indies and there is Captain's Choice and Krampert's and Mike's and there's the many wonderful Bay Rums on offer from Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - I have to say that PAA really gives Bay Rum its due, but what I really want to see now, to round things out is Wholly Kaw, Declaration Grooming, Bufflehead and Grooming Dept. do Bay Rum. Given what those artisans have given us so far, my mind boggles at what they could do with Bay Rum. I'm not talking some complex melange that has some subtle bay somewhere in the scent profile that you may not even be able to detect, no, I'm talking a full on piratical BAY RUM. An EPIC BAY RUM. Is that too much to ask?

The gauntlet has been thrown down!

Does anybody else have any other artisans in mind who you think could/should do a Bay Rum?

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I think the issue now if you believe the posts from soapmakers are that the crops needed were wiped by a recent hurricane and getting stock back at reasonable amounts and price is years away.

If that is legit then a few of the artisans you named I hope get on the wagon when the supply returns. Never been a huge fan of Bay Rum but grew into am Ogallala splash I had for a bit.

I'm more clove when it comes to Bay Rums I'm thinking.

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Bay Rum will get you eventually jaxstraww , resistance is futile. That crop wipe out was over a year ago and stuff grows fast in the tropics doesn't it? The shortage doesn't seem to have hit everyone equally either. PAA seems to have an endless supply. Maybe he stocked up. Maybe he sold his soul to the Bay Rum demons? Evilgrin

There are a bunch of of soaps on the market that use a generic, off the shelf Bay Rum fragrance and I'm not crazy about those. The cruelest are those that insert the words "bay" or Bay Rum" into their scent profile when there is little discernible off the puck to exploit those of us who find it hard to resist the siren song of Bay Rum. I want to see an artisan use a little creativity and take a little artistic licence - only a little because it still has to be Bay Rum at heart. I really do believe that every artisan should have a Bay Rum in the lineup. Like a barbershop, but with their own interpretation.

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I detect bay rum in Grooming Dept Mandarin Bay and a base that may be the best ever

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(02-08-2019, 03:52 PM)DanLaw Wrote: I detect bay rum in Grooming Dept Mandarin Bay and a base that may be the best ever

Thanks DanLaw , I did notice that scent profile on Mo's website and I was curious for feedback as to whether the bay rum was noticeable or not. I shall try to get some of that although thats easier said than done. Big Grin
Try the CRSW Bay Rum. Was looking for something else but it was out of stock so I bought that instead. Surprised me at how nice it is.

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Wholly Kaw -> PLEASE release a bay rum scented soap and AS.

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I'd like to see some of the artisans mentioned above not only release a Bay Rum, but I'd like them to do entires series of Bay Rum and Bay Rum inspired soaps and aftershaves.

A Wholly Kaw Bay Rum in that awesome base would be incredible. Confused

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I did a bay rum in early 2015 called Islamorada.


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