Hi all,

As Andrew already accepted us so quick, we're able to post in this vendor section, for which we're very grateful.

I just happened to see a DFS soap on an FB-post, so I was very curious if the old DFS-board was back. We have some great memories from that board and ofcourse the contact to individual members of whom I think there are still quite a few here.

For ourselves, we haven't been sitting still and have really expanded our stock ever since we were able to bring the frist Tcheon Fung Sing Barbe Rosse to Damn Fine Shave. It is so cool to be part of this board again and for those who still know us, please take a look at what's in store right now and for those that don't know us yet, you're more than welcome too!

For any European products, artisans or anything else, we hope we can bring you the best for the best prices, as we used to be able to.

The USD vs EUR sure helps to have some great offers, although shipping may still be a little more expensive.

Hope to see you around!

Lysbet and Eric

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Welcome back Eric! Glad to see you here, its been awhile.
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Thank you Gareth!

Nice to see you here too!
So, for all those interested or maybe as an idea for this fine board, right now, we're doing a "blind" soap test in the Netherlands, where we have found 10 members of the Dutch Shaving Society board to test 12 soaps each.

We sent them these samples:

[Image: yq1XeyG.jpg]

and now, we're testing them every other day. Noone knows the soaps and has to test them as they come, no original packaging, no prices, no boxes no nothing.

As an extra, we asked to guess what soap they think it is and there's another reward if someone has all 12 soaps right.

We will keep you posted, ok?

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Great program, sounds like a lot of fun and please do keep us posted.

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Very interesting. This should be fun. Smile
Great idea! I am looking forward to read the results.
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Hi all,

I will give you the final ranking, from which you can see, what soaps were used.

Keep in mind that all participants just had a sample in a small container, so it really was a blind test. We have been testing all 12 samples every 2 days a new sample. Samples were numbered so everybody tested the same sample on the same day.

It's a pity that results of the tests are only available in Dutch, as they were very thorough. It proved to be difficult to guess which soaps were tested, but that was also due to the fact that we used quite a lot of soft soaps. The ranking was derived from the individual results from all participants.

1 TFS Bergamotto Neroli
2 BdF Esclusivo
3 BdF Mistero
4 TFS Corte Sabauda
5 Proraso Groen
6 BdF Classico
8 TFS Sotto la Mole
8 Dusy Klar Kabinett
9 Crema Cella
10 BdF Raffinato
11 Proraso Rood
12 Vitos Extra Super

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Nice test! That is a really nice way to test soaps and prevent unbiased reviews. It would be neat to have a similar test but with unscented products and from all price ranges.
It's nice to see another trusted vendor join the others on this forum. I placed an order with BdF last year and was very happy to receive some items difficult to get in North America and very good customer service from them.

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