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I took a shot at acquiring a box of a dozen ten blade packs, and I am very happy that I did.  I feel like I got a tremendous deal, and the first shave on one of these blades was spectacular.  I used my STAR Model 100, which certainly helps to explain some of the smoothness.  

However, these blades are also extremely sharp/keen since the touch up required was absolutely minimal for a BBS.  I usually require more touch up when using this very mild razor.  

I will be very curious to see how long this blade lasts!

Has anyone else used these, or have additional information?




[Image: FRc0iYZ.jpg][Image: aacNCtc.jpg]

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They changed their name to Razor Blade Co. Website.... razorbladeco.com See the "about us" page for their history. They have been in business since 1916 selling all types of blades.

It appears that those blades in your picture were re-packaged Personna blades. They still sell them in the same dispenser (see website under double edge razor blades).

Please let us know how you like them.

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Thanks for the information!  The dispenser on the site does look very similar, but the older ones say platinum chrome blades, while the new ones say stainless.  I wonder if they are the same...a mystery I won’t solve!

First shave was about as good a shave as I have had with a fresh blade.  I will report back after a few more shaves and then again after that until I kill the blade.



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The Personna facility in Israel used to make a lot of blades in generic packaging for sale under a variety of private labels along with the Personna branded blades.  I have bought them at places like Boots/Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, and Meijer.

It seems that the Israeli plant has been closed and production has been relocated to a factory in Germany, probably the one that makes Wilkinson Sword Classic blades. Although I have not yet tried the German made Personna Platinums, those who have tried them say they are identical to the ones made in Israel. In my opinion, that is a great thing as the Personna Israeli reds were very sharp and very smooth.  There are still plenty of Israeli made blades in the supply chain with the new German ones just starting to appear in Europe.
That’s interesting!  I didn’t know that.  These blades say made in the USA.  Do you know when their production moved to Israel?  It might help in dating these.

Thanks Ray!


If you use Google Chrome you can translate this article from Hebrew to English:

I am not going to update after every shave, but the second shave in a much more aggressive razor also provided an absolutely outstanding shave!  This blade might be a real winner!


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(04-20-2020, 08:54 PM)Ols67 Wrote: ...This blade might be a real winner!



It's a "Plain Jane" run of the mill made in the USA Personna blade made in the past before they made them even better a few years ago with their new "Comfort Coated" process. They are commonly referred to as "Lab Blues". This is the newer & better version made today:

The etched blades are even better than the heavy black identification. No idea why. Anyone know where to score the etched version? I'd like to buy more but the Ebay guy ghosted.

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LOOT Wrote:The etched blades are even better than the heavy black identification.  No idea why. Anyone know where to score the etched version?  I'd like to buy more but the Ebay guy ghosted.
About the only blade I use anymore and yep, he's gone.
OP, I think everyone has steered you correctly.  Looks like a rebranded Personna to me too. I have had several dispensers that look exactly like the one pictured and that blade shaves great.

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