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Anyone know who made this? [Image: 20150709_115800.jpg]
The baseplate has a logo of an intertwined H & W (or M) and Made In England[Image: IMG_20150709_115720.jpg]
It's quite unlike the Souplex and Gillette bakelites I'm used to seeing, and it really does look good! [Image: 20150709_120833.jpg]
It's a very beautiful example of those interwar massive blade exposure massive blade gap bakelites that I love so much![Image: 20150709_123013.jpg]

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[Image: fvwj0o.jpg]
(07-09-2015, 09:54 PM)PJGH Wrote: Hemo.

[Image: fvwj0o.jpg]
Thanks Paul! You're a star (or maybe a gem!)
And that logo on the baseplate is a monogram of "HEMO".
Can't find anymore information about that brand anywhere and would love to know more.

And as predicted, this razor is a hyperaggressive supersmooth 15g magic wand:[Image: 20150710_071816.jpg]

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Superb shave with the HEMO this morning:[Image: 20150726_065713.jpg]
The shave feels similar to a devette but much much smoother and the razor itself is so light but still requires absolutely no pressure.
The result is an extremely aggressive and very deep shave with zero irritation - wow!

Also there's a clue to technique on the case in the picture - skin stretching!
Not something we normally associate with DEs, but for these ultralight bakelites it works a treat.

I'm having a lot of nice shaves at the moment, and this is one of the best.

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